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In case someone wouldn’t know, I’ll tell you, that silverfox is the term used for aging but still charming guys....

Homo Trailrunnicus

A species found all over the world belonging to the order of runners. Their size is having significant deviations. The typical height of the male is between 165-190 centimeters and the weight is between...

Via Apsyrtides FKT

Tomorrow I depart and won’t stop until we reach the island of Cres, where I’ll be part of NedyBali’s support team of 3 on the Via Apsyrtides FKT* challenge. What is the Via Apsyrtides?...

I am impatient like a kid.

I am impatient like a kid. Spring is barely knocking on our doors, but I am already looking forward to summer. Waiting for the trees to turn green and the early morning runs in...

Being a sponsored athlete

Being a sponsored athlete is not only about receiving a big bunch of clothes and running. You need to be aware of the vision of the company that is supporting you, know the new...