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Csanya, you changed my life

Csanya, you changed my life

A runner wrote to me in a comment not that long ago, that I change his life by showing him the world of Ultras and he will be forever thankful for this to me. I’d say “big words” if this would have been said by a teenager, but considering this was written by a person nearly being 70 years old, I can believe he really meant it.

To be honest my life got changed by Ultras as well. From challenges to hobby, from hobby to passion, from passion to work. Ultra is changing everyone, it makes you more patient and accepting. You accept that there are things, that are out of your control (such as rain or heat) and you accept the circumstances, but at the same time you become contemplating, you look for solutions while running. You reach back to your memories, when you were running in the rain, mud or heat and instead of regretting it you rather felt some crazy happiness. You remember, what you read in a race report and you try to do the same, hoping it will work for you as well.

A month from now I’ll be waiting for 1.5 thousand runners at the finish line, hoping that they will manage to accept the circumstances and manage to remember their memories, solve their problems and get to the finish line at Szentendre.