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Today is a sad day in the trail running history.

Today is a sad day in the trail running history. At Passeur de Pralognan, a Czech UTMB-TDS participant fell down and died. The organizers stopped the race and the runners had to turn back to Bourg Saint-Maurice. There were runners who had to wait 3 hours in the pass (while the rescue lasted) and now more than one thousand participants are walking down towards the city…

Although our mountains are much lower, there are a few basic rules which should be considered:

  1. If you go running alone, always let someone know your route.
  2. Check the weather forecast before you leave.
  3. Have your cell phone with you.
  4. When the weather is cold and wet, always put an extra layer (for example, a windproof jacket) into your backpack. When it’s below 0°C outside, take a pair of gloves and a survival blanket or a raincoat.
  5. Always have a spare torch if you run at night.