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Julian Alps Trail Run

Julian Alps Trail Run, the race where I was participating as an honorary Slovenian. Only 34.5 kilometers, but with all the perks: 800M+ elevation gain straight after the start line, stumbling-rooty technical downhills, first...

100 miles of Istria

The biggest trail race of Croatia, the 100 miles of Istria starts with the gun going off for the 100-mile distance. On the list of runners there are 1874 names, 92 out of those...

The recipe

The recipe is the following: Take one person, dress them up, give them shoes, a cap and finally a backpack. Send them to train as often as possible. Make them run, swim, practice yoga...

Hello Pap-rét Trail 2020

Even writing it down sounds horrible. It’s been exactly a year since I did a long run like this. But with this one today I’m very satisfied. At the end it might lead me...