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I have seen the light

2 days, 3 hours 40 minutes running, 31K, 920M+, 2 tomato és 2 lime gel, 1 ananas organic bar, 1,5 liter forti drink....


A couple of days ago I received the RaidLight stuff I asked for. My first impression was that they are a result of careful, detail-oriented engineering. Of course there were some I didn’t like,...

Dream or Reality?

After the Tajga Trail I’ve been taking a ‘beauty-nap’ in the bathtub and was dreaming about how it would feel to be sponsored by Squeezy. Luckily it’s been captured otherwise you wouldn’t believe this...

Tajga Trail 2020

The Tajga Trail run has moved from the Buda hills to Börzsöny, which was a definite improvement. The boring (for me, at least) trails around Normafa were swapped to the much less visited ones...

Gear: My sunglasses

My sunglasses: Rudy Project Rydon. Now these are great stuff. You put them on and minutes later you won't even notice you're wearing them, they are so light. They don't move or wobble, just stay...