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What does trail running mean to me?

I think today’s training included everything it means to me.

I bumped into two deer already when started running. I was just looking how easily they jumped into the woods and disappeared. On the trail to the Pilis the view was so wonderful I almost fell twice when staring at it.

I met only two people on my way. Both of them are runners, both recognized me and asked for advice. I met the first one on my way uphill. He was running down, we greeted each other, and he asked if he could join me as he had a question. He asked me what kind of socks he should wear so that his feet are not cold when his shoes get wet in the snow. I could only repeat myself: wear a pair of socks which is 100% synthetic (e. g., Coolmax), and a second pair of mixed materials (not cotton), but with at least 40% wool content. This way the feet can stay quite dry and warm.

I met the other mate on the top. We talked about pulse controlled training, but we talked only a few sentences, because it was really cold and windy up there (and I am not a coach anyway…).

After this there was only the two of us: Negra and me. I have dived so deeply in my thoughts that I missed my way. The prize was a 1-km-run in the fresh snow. Finally I found the path to Vaskapu. I took a few photos and lowered back to the bottom of the hill. As the ground under the snow was frozen, I was slipping down (praising the designer of Spike…), sometimes for quite long, adrenaline was pumping in my veins.

So what does trail running mean to me? The forest and its animals, solitude and company, questions and answers, well known and undiscovered paths, humility and respect.