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Homo Trailrunnicus

A species found all over the world belonging to the order of runners. Their size is having significant deviations. The typical height of the male is between 165-190 centimeters and the weight is between 65 to 90 kilograms. The female specimen is somewhat shorter and lighter. Its territory is fairly large, some can cover an area as large as 100-150 kilometers. Its nutrition is diverse. During more active periods they follow a carb-based diet, during resting periods they typically consume drinks fermented out of malt. The body structure of the older specimen illustrated on the image acclimatized to the forest/mountain lifestyle. On its long arms there are opposable thumbs which can be used for different objects, such as a pole. The picture was taken from a hidden observational hut by the world known trailrunnicus scientist Balázs Nedjalkov