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I am lying in bed and can only think about the mountains.

I am lying in bed and can only think about the mountains. Yesterday I was still planning my nutrition for 60K of the Julian Alps Trail Run and today I find myself laying under two blankets shivering and wondering what is better, dragging my body to the fridge to drink something or staying in bed. Obviously, I am aware that the mountains will await once I am recovered, but it is challenging to accept, that the virus* is taking you down from your feet in a blink of an eye. My resting heart rate is 70-75 instead of the usual 40-45, my Body Battery went down to 5 without me walking a kilometre…

Therefore I decided to let this race go. I contacted the organizers and asked them to remove my name from the list of runners. I’ll still go to Kranjska Gora for sure, because I’d definitely miss hanging out with the others***. I’ll shoot some nice pics of the mountains, drink some tasty local beers and write postcards.

* Of course it is Covid.

** The Body Battery is a data scale between 5 and 100 and it shows how well rested your body is.

*** In case I’ll test negative by then.