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How to stay young(ish) in 4 easy steps?

How to stay young(ish) in 4 easy steps? Sleep a lot Do sports frequently Eat well Surround yourself with youngsters Seriously, that’s all. If you sleep enough, you’ll have energy for moving, from moving a...

In the mountains

In the mountains the differences between people that you are being judged based on, they disappear. Everything changes quickly and it doesn’t matter anymore what your salary level is, what car you are driving...

Being a volunteer is cool.

Being a volunteer is cool. Spending the night on the Meszes-hegy at the BHTCS is super cool. Watching the little lights getting closer like little dwarfs coming from the mine. Cheering for the tired...

The hall is empty.

The hall is empty. During „normal” times there would be stands of the exhibitors, runners would walk around and chat with each other everywhere behind me. This craziness should really be over finally...

Paying attention to their movements

According to Runners’ World, 85% of the runners start paying attention to their movements when someone is watching them. I don’t know if this is true, but one thing is sure: audience has a...